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A naloxone sensory injector

EnlighteN Naloxone Sensory Injector is a medical device start-up working to detect and reverse opioid overdose events.

We are a team of five undergraduates working with an addiction medicine research fellow at Yale Veterans Hospital. We spent our year working on problem validation, solution validation, and prototyping. We learned to understand the needs of people with addiction, and how to best approach the problem of solitary-setting opioid overdose deaths. Most importantly, we learned how to build a product from scratch, how to find mentors to support us, and how to best utilize Yale’s network to receive seed funding and engineering support. We also spent the year developing a business plan, an intellectual property strategy, and discussing regulatory approval options with experts at the FDA.

This year, EnlighteN won the Rita Wilson Seed Funding Prize, the Rothberg Catalyzer Prototype Fund, the Rita Wilson Audience Choice Award, and the NIH National Institute of Drug Abuse Start-Up Challenge Award. We are currently working under the NIH curriculum, and our team looks forward to continuing to learn in Helix in 2020-2021.

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